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Schneider Electric

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Siemens Digital Industries | List Price Adjustment 1.10.2020

Siemens Digital Industries | List Price Adjustment 1.10.2020

Siemens announce hereby the annual List Price Adjustment for Siemens Industry products 1.10.2020.

Due to COVID-19 impact to Siemens business Siemens decided to postpone the list price adjustment date from the Oct. 1st, 2020 to Jan. 1st, 2021. Meaning no list price changes 1.10.2020.

Some product families will change as phase-out-products and discontinued products 1.10.2020. Spare parts pricing will be applied to these products:

Factory Automation
ET 200S family (controller, failsafe controller, I/O and F-I/O) will move to spare part price group 2AP and list prices will not increase.

Motion Control
MasterDrives and Sinamics G110 are available only as a spare part.

Low Voltage Products (SI EP Electrical Products)
SENTRON PAC 3100 / 3200 +15%
(reason: Phase Out product and Due to the limited availability of components)
New SENTRON PAC 3120 / 3220 -4,9%
(successor product PAC 3100 -> 3120, PAC 3200 -> 3220)
(reason: Phase Out)
(successor 3VA)